Finally, a Camera Without a Lens (and a Sensor the Size of a Pixel)

Super interesting new technology making its way into photography!
Its too bad the program doesn’t work to extrapolate data from files that have already lost information…. there is not saving JPEGS


Cameras as we know them have long been eye-like: a lens captures light and focuses it on film or a detection sensor, just as the lenses in our eyes focus light on our retinas. What would an eye be like without a lens? Capable of receiving light and to some extent discerning color, but otherwise useless, completely unable to focus that light. So a camera without a lens is kind of deal-breaker, right?

Maybe not. But before we go there, you need to understand something called “compressed sensing” — or at least I did.

Compressed (alternatively, compressive) sensing involves the notion that traditional signal capture techniques gather more information than they need to — far more than necessary to all but perfectly recreate the original signal, anyway. With compressed sensing, then, you gather samples of a signal or image, then use a special construction algorithm to reproduce the original perfectly.

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