InterAccess 13th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition


InterAccess is currently seeking submissions from emerging artists in Canada that employ electronic and new media technologies, materials, methods and ideas within their practice. We are accepting submissions from post-secondary students, recent graduates or independent practitioners who identify as emerging.

InterAccess welcomes new media works in the form of: sculpture, installation, video, audio, performance and interactive art. Web-based projects are also welcome. All works submitted must be exhibition-ready. Based on the works selected, the emerging curators will develop an exhibition theme and produce a curatorial essay.

This year’s Emerging Artists Exhibition will be co-curated by Nancy Webb and Natasha Chaykowski.

Each artist selected to exhibit will be paid standard CARFAC artist fees.

The 13th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition will run from July 26 to August 17, 2013.

Although artists are responsible for installing their own work, InterAccess will provide technical assistance and basic audio/video equipment.

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